Monday, May 14, 2012

1988 VW Quantum Syncro


  1. A question & a comment -

    Why do you bother blurring the plates? These are cars parked on the street, and there's really not all that much a casual observer can do with just a plate number. Most of the other car/motorcycle-related blogs & sites don't bother with the blurring.

    It would be interesting to know roughly where you're spotting cars - just neighborhoods, not necessarily specific addresses.

  2. presely-
    I've had a couple owners who have found me taking pictures request that I block them out. Also, you used to be able to find contact info for owners, but I guess that isn't the case anymore.
    As for location, I live in the Northend, so most cars would be in the same few neighborhoods. This one was in Fremont


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