Thursday, June 20, 2013

1962 Land Rover Series IIA

The classic Land Rover Series was produced relatively unchanged from 1948-1985. The IIA was made from '62-'71, but is identical to the earlier Series II. The IIA was extremely successful around the world, and sold very well, and continues to be popular. This one seems to have been fitted with some aftermarket graphics, and sports an amazing patina.


  1. This car is just sad. Don't think I'm taking over your blog by creating my own because I haven't found a single car on this first page so there's a lot out there. I'll make sure to add your blog to my links list.

  2. No worries, it's about the cars, not who posted them! I wasn't trying to say mine should be the "only one" or anything like that.

  3. This Rover reminded me of a Land Rover Wagon I found, and I think I'll post it tomorrow. It's got ivy growing on and IN it!!! Be sure to check it out. By the way, love that black El Camino you posted on Tuesday. Great body style.


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