Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1983 Mazda GLC Deluxe Sedan

The 4th-gen GLC/323 was introduced in 1980, and was a modern and worthy competitor to the other basic economy cars of the early eighties. This generation GLC (which stood for Great Little Car) looks extremely similar to the 323 that followed it, but is much less common. The design is about as basic as it comes, but the slatted grill and non-flush lights bring some style to the car.


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    1. "Appreciating the Unappreciated Cars of Seattle"

  2. I will admit that it is better looking than a Honda or Toyota of it's time. The grill is an interesting feature.

    1. Unpleasantly reminiscent of the Ford Tempo/Mercury Topaz front end (or possibly the inspiration for said crapcans?)


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