Monday, August 11, 2014

1973 VW 412

The VW 411 was introduced in 1968, with the updated 412 arriving 4 years later. Although they were intended to compete in the popular midsized family market, the Type 4s fell flat, being heavy, slow, and, despite their size, cramped. The styling is as awkward as they come, and, despite the shape, didn't include a hatchback. The relative failure of the Type 4 means that, today, survivors are pretty rare; this is the first one I've seen in years.

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  1. I know who owns or owned that car- sad that it looks kind of deteriorated but at least it's being driven! The shortcomings of these cars is greatly exaggerated and the styling is no more awkward than many cars of the era. A hopped up motor and tweaked suspension and you're good.


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