Sunday, May 3, 2015

1971 Chrysler New Yorker

The eighth generation of the Chrysler New Yorker arrived for 1969, and featured the fuselage styling that would characterize full size Mopar products through the early seventies. The New Yorker was the top dog in the lineup, and featured all the goodies of the era, and a 440 under the hood to help haul around the massive weight. Personally, I love the fuselage styling, and although it looks best on the coupes, this sedan looks really sweet as well.


  1. I tend to imagine it must've been pretty exciting for someone who was looking for a car in that class in 1971. One could compare this above Chrysler to the Mercury Marquis & Buick Electra. All three offered big car luxury available in a 4-door & 2-door pillarliss hardtop versions. Actually one year earlier in 1970 The Buick Electra & Mercury Marquis offered a convertible . Chrysler did also have a full-size model convertible as well, but it was a Newport instead of the New Yorker. I wish I could of been of age and also had the money to buy one of these cars (brand-new) during this era

  2. Amazing that a New Yorker appears here and on "Old Parked Cars" the same day.

    This is a really nice car, but I liked it's less chrome-y siblings. Still, it satisfies my fuselage lust, and I love those fender skirts. The deluxe tail lights are pretty neat too. The pinstripe, however interrupts the fuselage effect.

  3. I love the fuselage styling and have been wanting to buy one for years. This car is in excellent shape and is a real looker, although I prefer her two door brethren.

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