Tuesday, April 29, 2014

1984 Subaru BRAT

The BRAT was Subaru's small pickup, and, according to ads, was "fun on wheels". Today, BRATs are most famous for the backwards-facing seats in the bed. These were installed so Subaru could call the BRAT a passenger car, and avoid the high tax on small trucks imported to the U.S.--known as the the chicken tax. The BRAT was restyled for 1983, bringing the styling up to date with the rest of Subaru's line. This BRAT still wears its super-cool white spoked rims, which look fantastic.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

1973 Ford LTD Wagon

For 1973, the Ford LTD became even bigger, adding on more weight to an already heavy car. In addition, the styling was uglier, and the LTD name became lower in the Ford hierarchy--it was no longer special. You had to move up to the Brougham to the cursive badges and vinyl. Of course, the wagon was better looking than the sedans or coupes, the fatter styling seemed to suit it better. This LTD wagon (is it a Country Sedan?) is in very good condition, somewhat of a rarity for these cars, and was recently offered for sale.

Friday, April 25, 2014

1984 Datsun Maxima

The Maxima name started out on this: a Datsun 810 with an elongated nose for a larger inline-6. Fairly sporty for its class, the Maxima's real selling point was its talking reminder system: a computer would tell you various things, mechanical problems or otherwise. This Nissan-Datsun (it's an '84, so it got both badges), has been customized slightly, with 280ZX rims, and a diamond plate strip around the front end.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

1969 VW Double Cab Transporter

The second generation VW bus and pickup was introduced in 1967, and, due to the loss of the split front windshield, earned the nickname 'Bay-Window'. The pickup, which featured fold-down sides for easy loading, was also carried over, with the addition of the double cab shown here. This early Transporter, with its small taillights and high-mounted turn signals, is in fantastic condition.

Monday, April 21, 2014

1986 Toyota Corolla SR5

All-original AE86 Corollas are impossibly rare these days, as the rear-wheel drive is extremely popular with drifters. The ultimate 86, of course, is the 4AGE-equipped GT-S, though the more basic cars still share the same RWD architecture that makes these famous. This hatchback, which was a five-speed, by the way, has a panda-esque paintjob; the black and white combo was made famous by the Initial D anime and manga.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

1975 Chevrolet Nova Sedan

The Nova was Chevy's compact, and arrived in 1962. The car shown here is the last of 4 generations, though the name was subsequently revived in the eighties for a rebadged Toyota. The Nova was usually a fairly strong seller, partly due to the fact that you could get one as a slow sedan all the way up to a full muscle car SS. This Sedan is about as basic as they come, though it's in amazing condition, and the rally wheels look great.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

1978 Subaru 4WD Wagon

Here it is--the predecessor to all those Outbacks and Foresters. Introduced in 1975, the 4WD station wagon was somewhat of a pioneer in 4WD passenger cars, and this was certainly the first regular-production car equipped with it. The styling is about as quirky as it comes, with a tall, narrow body, huge bugeye front lights, and the curvy rear window bottom. But that's exactly what makes these cars so cool. This one is straight out of the seventies, with light brown paint, and the awesome white '4 Wheel Drive' stripes.