Sunday, April 27, 2014

1973 Ford LTD Wagon

For 1973, the Ford LTD became even bigger, adding on more weight to an already heavy car. In addition, the styling was uglier, and the LTD name became lower in the Ford hierarchy--it was no longer special. You had to move up to the Brougham to the cursive badges and vinyl. Of course, the wagon was better looking than the sedans or coupes, the fatter styling seemed to suit it better. This LTD wagon (is it a Country Sedan?) is in very good condition, somewhat of a rarity for these cars, and was recently offered for sale.

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  1. The kind of vehicle you would find in a 1970s cop show. (The Streets of San Francisco, Police Story, Charlie's Angels). Putting that aside I'd like to say my own personal feeling towards this model; Growing up I didn't care for the 71/72 wagons. For some reason they seemed more meaner looking. The 1973 through 78 seems more milder. Now fast forward to these days I can see the pre 73 wagons more appealing and the post 72 wagons more boring.


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