Friday, May 23, 2014

1985 AMC Eagle 4x4 Wagon

Produced at a time when AMC had a hopelessly outdated lineup, the Eagle line was one of their last-ditch efforts to save the company. Everything from a wood-paneled wagon to a luxury personal coupe was available lifted and equipped with 4x4. The crude mechanics, however, didn't do much to persuade already skeptical consumers to buy an Eagle. Still, the Eagle was ahead of its time--it was one of the pioneers of 4x4 passenger cars, an idea that has become common today. This Wagon is in spectacular condition--the paint and body are near-perfect.

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  1. Ha! That's my car! This has been a great car to drive- it gets lots of attention, that's for sure. And its like the Eagle was made for the backwoods roads in the mountains here- I think it handles better in the dirt in 4WD than on pavement in 2WD. I bought it from a guy who started to restore it and ran out of interest in the project. New paint, new upholstery, cleaned up engine and drive train. The Eagle treats me well - except when it comes to gas!


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