Monday, September 1, 2014

1962 Chevy II Nova Wagon

The Nova was Chevy's compact, and arrived in 1962.It would last for 4 generations until 1979, before the name was revived for a rebadged Toyota in the eighties. Available in any configuration from a slow, stripped out four-door up to a flashy SS, the Nova was, for the most part, a good piece of honest, dependable transportation. This first-year wagon is in great condition, and the red rims peaking out from behind the hubcaps look great against the white body.


  1. I have a soft spot for these. We had one in the 70's, white, just like this one. I can still remember the sound of the inline 6. My brother installed an 8-track in it and that was so cool.

  2. That's my car!!! So funny I never saw this until now! I can tell you guys took these photos 2 summers ago... Her name is "Ellie" and she is my pride and joy... I only drive her in the summer months and garage her the rainy months.


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