Monday, July 13, 2015

1964 Pontiac Grand Prix

The Grand Prix first arrived in 1962, during what was Pontiac's (and, arguably, GM's) best era. It acted as the sporty, top of the line trim of the full size line. Available with large, high-output V8's, as well as a 4 speed, the Grand Prix could really live up to its name. Wide-track era Pontiacs have some of the best styling ever, and the Grand Prix was no exception. They're just handsome cars.


  1. Ahh the GP was a great car, with all the added touches -- particularly the deep set grille & turn indicators. I think 64 was a peak year for Pontiac. 65 was a mixed bunch, 66 was pretty good, 67 had that meh weird front. In 68 they got their groove back.

    Wow I just noticed the 8 bolt wheels!

  2. I know this car; been trying to get a couple good pics for a while now; thanks! A friend of mine had a '65 when we were kids... it was a great car...


  3. This one could be my great project car.


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