Sunday, March 24, 2013

1969 Plymouth Valiant 100

Basic transportation at its best: the Plymouth Valiant. Has there been such a simple, reliable, and perfect for its purpose car since? The slant six will run forever, so too will the rest of it. Introduced in 1960 to compete with small compacts from the U.S. and abroad, the Valiant lasted until 1976 and, although it was available in fancy trim packages, no one cared. They are still common today, a testament to their reliability, but each Dart and Valiant has its own unique character. This one's appliance beige paint accents the swoop on the lower panels, and looks great with the paint-matched rims. 



  1. The car on the right is a '70 to '72 El Camino , and the car on the left is a '61 Impala or Bel air. I can't tell but if it's an Impala, I really hope it's a bubble top. That would be sweet. And I thought I had searched every seattle neighbor north & south, east & west. But apperantly I haven't. They're out there somewhere!


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