Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1985 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

The new, "aero style" Thunderbird appeared in 1983, as did the sporty Turbo Coupe. Early cars had 140 horsepower, but gained 15 HP in 1985. After the big, slow, and soft Thunderbirds of the 70s and early eighties, this 9th generation car was finally modern and desirable. Although they are still relatively common, the clean condition (except for under the trim on the doors) and the the fact that it's a Turbo Coupe prompted me to take pictures.


  1. Big fan of the unassuming TURBO editions to "spice up" what is otherwise a snooze fest. Looks like someone still loves her

  2. Onced owned T-bird exactly like this one ..... very nice .... thanks for the photos.


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