Thursday, March 28, 2013

1974 Land Rover Series III

The classic Land Rover Series was produced relatively unchanged from 1948-1985. The Series III was introduced in 1971, but was almost exactly the same as the IIA. Like late IIAs, the Series III had headlights on the fenders, and the classic curved sides. Land Rovers were and are extremely capable off road, and very utilitarian. Very utilitarian. Look at those door handles, and all the little hooks and other things. Then remember this is from the mid seventies.


  1. It was really wierd, because there was one day back in like January, where I saw 6 differant Land Rovers, then within the same week, I found this one. Attack of the Land Rovers!!!

  2. Nice that it still bears it's UK plates too - A quick check with the DVLA shows that it was last licensed here in 2006.
    (Note also - the T-suffix on the plate denotes it as first registered in 1979)


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