Monday, April 29, 2013

1962 Mercury Comet Custom Sedan

The Comet was Mercury's version of the Ford Falcon, and the name continued on as their version of the Fairlane, and later the Maverick. For the first generation (pictured here), the Comet was a slightly luxurious and upscale compact, and, similar to Chrysler's Valiant, wasn't badged as a Mercury until 1962. Styling was similar to that of other period Mercuries, but seemed cluttered compared to the clean Falcon. The Comet shown here, though it has some front end damage, looks great in dark blue with matching rims. Definitely a more interesting compact than any new one these days.


  1. Love the original look of this car. I haven't found this one yet, but I'll be on the look out for it. There's a guy up the street from me who has a red '63 Comet convertible, and damn that car is nice. Great find.

  2. But wait, I know where this car is but I've never seen it there. Right up the street form the Crown Hill QFC, correct?


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