Monday, April 15, 2013

1963 Chevrolet Nova SS

The Nova was Chevy's compact, and arrived in 1962. The car shown here is a first generation model, but the Nova would have 4 generations until 1979, and then the name was revived in the eighties for a rebadged Toyota. Available as a top level performance option was the SS package, introduced in 1963. However, unlike later SS badged cars, this one was simply an appearance package and had no additional performance gains. Despite that, these SS's are still very collectible, making this patina'd coupe an interesting and cool sight.


  1. These photos must have been taken a while ago because this car has a brand-new aqua paint job now. I did take some pics of it a year or so ago and I remembered the clear coat had pealed off the hood and fenders. Great car!!! My uncle had a '63 or '64 Chevy II.

    1. I took the pictures last week. Hmmm

    2. That's wierd. I saw it with the nice paint about 3 or 4 months ago. Maybe theyv'e just done a really bad job twice. If so, poor car. This is the one that's sitting on a side street in Greenwood right?


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