Saturday, June 28, 2014

1982 Subaru GL Wagon

The new generation Subarus arrived in 1980, available as a hatch, sedan, coupe, and wagon, all available in front and four wheel drive. The styling was modern and handsome, a welcome upgrade from Subaru's strange styling of the previous decade, and the 4WD system was further refined and improved. Interestingly, GL models for the first two years were available with a third headlight mounted behind a pivoting door in the center of the grille. Known as the "Cyclops" these Subarus are fairly rare, and today are appreciated as a piece of 80s weirdness. This "Cyclops"-equipped GL still has its original white rims, and features a host of 80s accessories, including the rear window cleaner and pinstriping.


  1. This used to be my car! I bought it in Olympia and had in it Spokane for 2 years while I attended Whitworth University

    1. It has a push button start, the doors can be opened even if locked, and (unless someone's replaced it) the clutch is totally destroyed. I got it airborne at least 5 times


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