Saturday, June 14, 2014

1986 Subaru XT Turbo

Is this the most '80s car ever made? Let's see...we have the most angular design ever, with a bodykit that makes it even more obvious; gold mesh rims, large graphics, and, of course, it's a turbo. Introduced in 1985, the XT was a huge departure from Subaru's normal wagons and econoboxes. Unfortunately, maybe due to the bold styling, maybe due to the fact that it was a Subaru, the XT was never a big seller throughout its six-year model run. It was replaced in 1991 by the equally weird and equally slow-selling SVX.


  1. I kind of love these. So eighties, weird, un-focused-grouped, and distinctive PS - love the blog

  2. some day.. some day i will have one.. a 4wd turbo with the digital dash


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