Monday, August 5, 2013

1972 Citroën DS Wagon

Made for 20 years, the DS is one of the most interesting, innovative, and beautiful cars ever built. Though the styling isn't as slippery and smooth as the sedan, the Wagon is still extremely interesting and very cool looking. A unique feature of these cars, and many other Citroëns after, is the self-leveling hydropneumatic suspension, which made for a very smooth ride, and the ability to adjust the ride height. This DS has a great patina, and the euro front end looks a lot better than the US front cars sold here had. 


  1. Damn it, I Was gonna post this tomorrow. Quite a rare car, but I think it's a mid 70's model.

    1. You're right, those overriders and turn signals/marker lights indicate a later car.

  2. You guys must have been down to Golden Era Motors!


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