Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1979 Toyota Corolla Wagon

The new, 3rd gen Toyota Corolla was introduced in 1975, and affirmed Toyota's reputation for amazing build quality and good economy. It needed to, as it had many strong competitors at that time, both from Japanese manufacturers and domestic makers (though their compacts were hardly competitive.). Despite a higher price and fewer features than the competition, it was still a popular car during the gas shortages. This '79 wagon, one of the last years of the 3rd gen, is painted in a great shade of blue-green.


  1. You should get the blogger app. Works great. I'm on vacation right now and use the app to post the orange Ford truck that's on my blog.

  2. Um, ok, very strange to see a bunch of pics of my car on some random site. At least you got some good shots :)


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