Thursday, August 1, 2013

1973 Chevrolet Caprice Estate Wagon

The early to mid-70s Caprice is the biggest Chevy of all time, which is easy to believe when looking at this land yacht. Slathered with fake wood, this Caprice represents how out of touch the American manufacturers were. Even in '73, Americans were shifting toward smaller cars, and the many more were in '76, the 2nd gen Caprice's final year. Following the trends, the Caprice became much smaller in 1977, and proved to be extremely popular--Caprices of that 3rd gen are still common today. Parked near many other similarly aged cars, this 2nd-gen Caprice Wagon has some of the best patina I've taken pictures of.


  1. I see you've found the row of rusty 70's landyeatches in south Seattle. Quite a collection. Lol

  2. Fantastic! Love every inch of it and especially the overspray on the wood panelling. Is this a "Glide-Away" clam shell style disappearing tailgate?


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