Monday, October 14, 2013

1974 Mazda REPU

Definitely one of the coolest pickup trucks ever made, Mazda's Rotary Engined Pick Up came stock with fender flares, a unique grill, and, oh, a 13B Wankel rotary. The engine allowed for smooth, powerful hauling, but it also meant the truck was pretty fast in its day. The color on this truck is great, especially paired with the black steel rims. On a side note, how cool is that badge and grille? 


  1. Cool find. These were popular with the SCCA Pro-Rally set in the early 80's. I still remember the sound of them in the Capitol Forest.

  2. Bad-ass little truck! Looks great in green w/ black steelies as you noted, but those are considerably wider & likely taller than the OE rolling stock. Good choices all around (but that front dealer plate/ad needs to be tossed immediately)


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