Saturday, October 12, 2013

1976 Dodge Charger SE

The 4th generation Charger arrived in 1975, and was a rebadged Chrysler Cordoba, quite a different type of vehicle than the earlier Chargers. Just a few years earlier, Hemi-engined Daytonas were tearing up the streets and Nascar circuits, and then...well, it just wasn't a Charger. Unlike its Cordoba cousin, the Charger didn't sell very well, but then again, it didn't have Corinthian Leather! The faded red paint, bare steel rims, and gaping rust holes all make for a very creepy looking car--just imagine this thing slowly rolling down the street at night...


  1. could you say where this car is? I've been looking for a malaise-era Charger for a while. Great Find.

  2. Funny that I see another car on your site that I regularly passed while living in Seattle. This one is on the Western border of the U district, and yes totally creepy molester rig vibe to it.


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