Thursday, November 21, 2013

1976 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Coupe

This was a top-of-the-line luxury land yacht when it was new--and probably cost someone quite a bit of money in 1976. That's what makes it so fascinating though. It's now just another old hunk of metal, slowly degrading, without much hope of being saved. The 8th generation 98, produced from 1971-'76 was the biggest yet, and was produced at a time when luxury was judged by how many loops the "brougham" badge had. This car has some of the best patina I've ever taken pictures of (click on the "extreme patina" tag to see more), with amazingly faded paint. 


  1. There must be an area of Seattle that I've missed. Where've u been finding these last few cars. What area. That olds is very cool. Amazing patina and the luxury coupes of that era are one of my all time types of cars. You've managed to find a bigger car than my '75 ford elite

  2. I love that car! No body damage other than usual sanding down and painting will fix.. Is it for sale?

  3. Definitely another beautiful 98 that's been neglected and left to deteriorate. It can definitely be saved but not for long. I hate seeing these cars turn to this state. People need to realize that they have a piece of American automotive history on their hands and if they're going to put it out to pasture, they should at least do the car some justice and sell it to someone that will appreciate it. Even if it goes to a yard, it would still be benefitting other cars instead of just rotting away under a tree.


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