Friday, November 15, 2013

1983 AMC Eagle SX4

Advertised as a sports car that go off road, the 4x4 Sx4 arrived in 1981. Produced at a time when AMC had a hopelessly outdated lineup, the Eagle line was one of their last-ditch efforts to save the company. Everything from a wood-paneled wagon to a luxury personal coupe was available lifted and equipped with 4x4. The crude mechanics, however, didn't do much to persuade already skeptical consumers to buy an Eagle. This SX4 appears to be a base model, with basic steel rims and few luxury items. Brown on brown two-tone. The Eagle may have been ahead of its time, but this paint job sure wasn't!


  1. Terribly awesome. You've enspired me to post a Pacer this morning.

  2. Sweet looking car. I've seen Eagles before, but never a fastback version, the Eagle SX4.


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