Wednesday, November 27, 2013

1977 Plymouth Fury Salon

Along with the Monaco, the late 70s Fury was often used as a police car in the seventies, equipped with a 440 V8. This Fury, however is the luxury "Salon" package, and has a smaller engine, as well as a lot more vinyl and other brougham-y design features. For '77, the Fury gained the stacked square lights, which harkened back to the older Fury's stacked circular lights. You gotta love the textured side trim, complete with fake stitching.


  1. Even though its the same body as the 71 Satellight/Coronet. I got to admit when these cars were in they're final years 77Fury-78 Monaco the 4-door models seemed (At least to me) to be much more appealing.

  2. Ugly cars. Back in the 90's I owned a '78 Plymouth Fury ex-Washington state patrol car with an original police issue 400 big block and 4 barrel carb. The lean burn system was the most agonizing thing to deal with and was the one thing that kept this car from being my daily driver. That said, it was still kind of a cool car and one you don't really see on the roads anymore; such is the way with ex-cop cars. They become rare about a decade and a half after they hit the auction block.


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