Sunday, November 17, 2013

1977 Toyota SR5 Pickup

Though technically a 2nd-gen, the Hilux was redesigned extensively in 1975, which included replacing the Hilux name with simply 'truck'. The SR5 was the sport truck option, and included the graphics and a few other special features. The mid-70s were a hot time for minitrucks, with almost all major manufacturers offering one. This SR5's bright yellow paint and slightly patina-ed graphics look great with the white rims (white wheels really need to make a comeback).


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  1. Sweet looking truck. My stepdad had a Toyota Hilux SR5 pickup truck when I was a boy. It had everything I think a truck should have. A 5 spd. manual shifting transmission, seating for two adults, a reliable 2.2 litre 20R 4 cyl. engine, available AM/FM radio. I liked its relative simplicity compared to today's trucks.


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