Sunday, November 9, 2014

1957 Dodge Sierra Spectator Wagon

Chrysler models were completely redesigned for 1957, gaining more headlights, more chrome, and bigger fins. Dodge's 9-passenger Sierra Spectator was the top-of-the-line, full-size wagon in their lineup. With less than 3500 produced, the Sierras are very rare today; I had never even heard of the model before spotting this one. This example, which will hopefully receive the restoration it deserves soon, sits next to an early 60s Dart, and, even more interesting, an fairly early Porsche 911.  

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  1. When I see Chrysler corporation cars from this era, I always think of the Saturday evening Post. During the mid-1980s I ended up getting a lot of these magazines from a garage sale out in Long Island. I was a young teenager and I was mesmerized by these 1950s car advertisements. It's too bad I got rid of all those magazines. I did save them for about 20 years but my parents were getting rid of the house and I was not familiar with eBay back then. Anyway nice find & if you have a chance look at 1950s Chrysler advertisements.


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