Monday, January 12, 2015

1964 Dodge Power Wagon Town Wagon

Ever since its first use on a huge, 4x4 military truck, the Power Wagon name has been synonymous with big, tough, trucks. Just look at this massive thing. Huge ground clearance, big winch bumpers, and loads of utilitarian, function-over-form features. The Town Wagon, a passenger version of the Town Panel, first appeared in 1954, and would continue in its same basic form until 1966. This '64 is in nice shape, with just the right amount of patina.


  1. What a find! You capture the monstrosity really well. I have only seen such a vehicle perhaps twice, and long long ago. Love the forward pointing

    Did you get the Coronet behind it?

  2. I've never seen one of those either & yes the Coronet did not get left behind (12/14/14). I should know, I left a comment about that one as well. LOL


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