Thursday, January 22, 2015

1966 Chevrolet Impala Sedan

The fourth generation Impala was introduced for 1965, and continued to become more and more popular, setting a sales record in the process. In addition to the array of V8s and generous interior space, the Impala also featured handsome styling; the coupes, especially, are now regarded as true design classics. This heavily patina-ed sedan looks menacing with the black steelies and creeping moss.


  1. It looks like most of the chrome is present. What an inspiration. The moss, the broken antenna, the crude looking paint.

    Yet the doors still hang straight, the hood and trunk look to fit properly. Looks like someone has tried to scrap off the muck. Perhaps preparing for a restoration. I hope it is back to stock.

  2. The 65–66' full size Chevy's were very clean looking. While the 67-68's were kind of mean looking.
    For one year only during the 1960s NYPD chose to use the Chevrolet as their patrol car of choice. The model was the 66 Biscayne, which was similar to the above model pictured.

  3. I've always favored this year of Impala. A prime example here and it doesn't take long for cars in western Washington to grow moss...


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