Monday, January 19, 2015

1976 Datsun B210

The B210 replaced the B110 in the mid-70s, and, despite the weird styling, managed to be quite popular throughout its life. The B210 was the right car at the right time--it was introduced during the gas crisis, and the period when the Japanese companies were seeing huge success. The B210 was available as a hatchback or notchback sedans, though both were strange looking, especially the front and rear. This 70s-brown hatch is in pretty nice shape, though it does have some non-original hubcaps installed.

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  1. Those slightly protruding tailights are great, and the odd looking reflectors -- almost an afterthought. Too bad the lens distortion doesn't allow for a proper view of the entire front end. The low angle of the profile shot makes area above the beltline (so much glass!) look low and mean. I had forgotten about those neat black 'c pillars'.

    The rust on the bumpers matches the debris on the road.


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