Monday, January 5, 2015

1979 Datsun 310GX

The Datsun 310GX replaced the extremely weird looking F10 for 1978 as the U.S. market version of the Nissan Cherry (now Pulsar). The 310GX, which, although more conventional than the F10, still had some Datsun weirdness, especially in two-door coupe form. The five-door shown here was probably the most "normal" looking of the lineup. Nobody did the seventies like Datsun, shown here by the dark brown paint and beige-orange stripes.


  1. First time seeing the model. By 1979 I was old enough and familiar with Datsuns. I even remember the commercial jingle. " Datsun we are driven". I have never even heard of this model either.. Surprising.……. Anyway it kind of reminds me of a VW Dasher.


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