Friday, February 20, 2015

1986 Toyota Cressida

The Cressida was Toyota's big luxury car before being replaced by Lexus. The third generation shown here was arrived in 1985, and featured a modern and smooth design. Available as a sedan or wagon, the Cressida was fairly popular throughout its lifetime. This car is in great condition, and still has its original rims.


  1. Quite interesting to see this Japanese 80s sedan in U.S.
    Cressida was called "Mark-II" in Japan, and it had long history in Japanese mid-size luxury car sales.
    So Mark-II was the car designed in Japan, Designed for Japanese market.
    That is why I feel interesting to see this in U.S roads.

  2. I actually remember a friend of mine getting a Toyota Cressida as a reward to herself for landing her first job after college. It was considered "luxurious."


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