Sunday, February 15, 2015

1990 Lincoln Mark VII LSC

The Fox Body Mk VII was introduced for 1984, and marked a shift toward more modern, European influenced luxury cars. The stand-up grille and fake spare tire hump remained, but the overall look was much smoother and more modern. The LSC was the performance variant, with various upgrades, including a 225-horse 302. The European influence is clear to see on this later car, with its BBS-style mesh rims.

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  1. I remember when these cars came out in the fall of 1983. My impression was that it was kind of a big thing that Lincoln was doing by redesigning the Mark series and making it now more of a European type of car. I would say within a fast 10 years a lot of young people were driving this car (obviously it was a used car at that point). Anyway I believe a lot of these machines were abused as a result, which leads me to believe that's the reason you don't see too many of the Mark VII's on the road anymore.


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