Saturday, September 28, 2013

1967 Imperial Le Baron

Imperial was Chrysler's elite, ultra luxury brand, and really meant something special until the early 70s. Even more special were the Crown Imperials, the limousines. The sixties Imperials were designed by the same designer who penciled the classic '61 Lincoln Continental, and the same flat sides and modern elements are obvious here as well. I was unable to get a profile shot of this beautiful-condition Imperial, unfortunately, but the crisp and modern styling is still evident.



  1. what I sometimes do to get a profile shot of a car in a parking lot is to shoot over the hood or truck of the next door car. It doesn't look perfect, but it's better than nothing. Very cool car by the way. Gotta love Luxury landyeatches.

  2. Do you need a docking permit to park this thing?


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