Tuesday, September 24, 2013

1978 Ford Fiesta Ghia

Sold for just three years in the U.S., the Mk 1 Fiesta was extremely popular in England, but only enjoyed limited success on these shores. The Fiesta featured a very modern, handsome design, much like the Rabbit, and unlike the Pinto, Ford's other compact at the time. The U.S. spec model featured round headlights; this car also sports Ghia trim: the top-level package.

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  1. I can kinda understand why they weren't a big hit in the States: Engine options of 950cc/1100cc/1300cc hardly endeared them to long-distance motoring. And despite their popularity over here, they're an uncommon sight these days - unforgiving young owners and a propensity to rust has seen their numbers dwindle rapidly.
    Back in the early to mid 90's pretty much all my friends had these in one form or other.
    Also of note, in the UK only the top-spec sporty Xr2 model (with the 1600cc engine) had round lamps - everything else had a square type.


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