Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1974 AMC Hornet Sedan

The Hornet was AMC's compact, competing with the Nova, Maverick, and Dart, as well as the new imports. It was introduced in 1970, and would last until 1977, though the same basic car formed the base for the "new" Concord. By the mid 70s, the Hornet was available in sedan, coupe, wagon, and hatch body styles, and, for 1971 only, the sporty SC360. Styling was handsome and modern, and couldn't look better than in bright blue with dog-dish hubcaps.


  1. Looks just like my dads car he sold when I was a child. Always wanted that car.

  2. This was my Mom's car - I'm so happy you took these great pictures and posted them.


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