Friday, March 28, 2014

1962 Ford Thunderbird Landau

Ford's Thunderbird started out as a two seat roadster, though in 1958, the new 4-seat 'Squarebird' arrived--bigger, more practical, but never as cool. In 1961, the Thunderbird was redesigned, featuring the distinctive pointed front end and afterburner taillights. Two new models were introduced in 1962: the Landau, which had a vinyl top with landau bars, and the Sports Roadster, which included a large fiberglass panel covering the rear seats. This Landau shows off the distinctive 3rd-gen styling, and looks great in white with the aqua top.

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  1. I never was a great fan of the third-generation birds. Now looking at the last picture has me appreciating them more. I think it's the blue vinyl top and landau along with the white body which makes this car look classy and "ALMOST" timeless.


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