Thursday, March 6, 2014

1985 Ford Tempo GL

Yeah, it's a Tempo, but these early cars, with their non-flush headlights, are rare, and besides, the Tempo was an important car for Ford when it was introduced. Replacing the fox body Fairmont in 1984, the Tempo boasted modern styling and features reasonably competitive with the imports. However, despite being an extremely modern compact for Ford, and for an American car in general, the Tempo was mediocre compared to rivals, with more space for the price being the only major benefit over a similar Honda. This mid-range GL is from the last year of the non-flush headlights; in 1986 they would become flush-mounted units to match the Taurus.

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  1. It's great to see (both) one of those around and also a picture of it. A 1980s vehicle for the working-class person. 30 years ago give or take one could go to a beach club, super market parking lot, or some side street & see this kind of car along with Chrysler "K" cars.


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