Wednesday, March 12, 2014

1982 Plymouth Horizon

The Dodge Omni and Horizon should get a lot more attention than they do. Here was a extremely modern, front wheel drive, competitive compact from an American manufacturer. There was the Fiesta, but it was smaller; the Horizon was sized like a Golf (and looked a lot like a Golf as well...). The Omni/Horizon soldiered on until 1990, however, and by that time it was outdated among rivals. Along the way, it spawned the Horizon TC3/Omni 024, as well as the Omni-based Shelby GLH.

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  1. Interesting find.
    Here in the UK they were badged as Chrysler (Later Talbot) Horizons and offered with a variety of rattly engines carried over from the Simca 1100/1300 range. Superseded in Europe by the Peugeot 309 from the mid-1980's and now firmly on the 'endangered' list.


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