Monday, March 10, 2014

1968 Rambler American 440 Station Wagon

The 3rd and final generation of the Rambler American was introduced in 1964, and featured clean, handsome, and modern styling, a departure from the extremely frumpy 2nd generation car. Though it never achieved the success of the big three's compacts, the American was not only cheap to buy, but also very efficient and cheap to run. This 440, from the second to last year of the American, shows the squared-off grill introduced for 1966, and looks great with the color-matched rims. 
Please excuse the hazy photos; my camera's lens has since been cleaned.

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  1. A quaint vehicle indeed. I like it a lot especially with the white roof. I wonder if this car gave its competitors ( Nova/Falcon/Valiant) a run for their money.


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