Friday, May 31, 2013

1958 Edsel Ranger Sedan

The Edsel was a brand of cars (technically separate from Ford) introduced in 1958. Ford worked hard on this new Edsel and claimed it was both revolutionary and modern. However, someone forgot to tell the developers, who made a large, chrome-slathered car that seemed to be stuck in the past. By the late 1958, though the biggest fins were still to come, people were shying away from cars like the Edsel, and its hideous vertical grill didn't help. Today, however, the Edsel is the ultimate in 50s cool. The rear lights, the split bumpers, and even the font on the badges are all just so 50s. And this base Ranger looks great in baby blue with matching rims.


  1. You gotta tell me where this one is. The'58 Edsel is probably my second favorite car of all time and would love to check out this one. If you don't feel comfortable saying where it is in your reply,send the cordonates to the Email address on the Street Peep. Then as Jack to forward the Email to me. Thanks!! I love this car so much, and it's really cool it's a sedan. My favorite post for 2013 so far. Great car. Thanks again!

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  2. I'd love to buy it maybe for a high school project, but my parents would never let that happen. But my friend Jerry who owns Crown Hill Auto on Holman Rd. sells old cars, and I'll ask him if he's interested. Thanks again.


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