Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1974 Volvo 164E

Introduced as a luxury car in 1969, the 164 would survive for 6 more years, but see less than 50,000 made. Under the hood was a 6-cylinder, and, like this one, the E meant fuel injection. The profile and rear of the 164 was similar to other Volvo sedans, but the front, with the unique grill, single headlights, and smaller, circular grills made the 164 instantly recognizable. This one, while still a driver, is in fantastic shape, and the color really glows.



  1. The whole front end is unique, being longer to handle the I6 engine

  2. A friend owned a 164TE. His had extra lights where the featured car has circular grilles. Maybe you didn't get these in US-market cars.


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