Friday, May 17, 2013

1977 Mercury Capri II S

The 1st generation Mercury Capri, a European Ford Capri, was available throughout the seventies. The first variations were known simply as the Capri, while a redesign in the mid 70s created the Capri II. 1977 was the final year of the European Capri; the name was used in the 80s on a rebadged Mustang, and in the nineties on a small convertible. The original Capris are great-looking, unique, and were respectable performance cars. This "S" looks great in the classic 70s black and gold.


  1. Where is this car? DO you have a number for the owner? Might be interested in purchasing it. Drop a line fo cdncobraguy@gmail with any info.

  2. Where is this Car located? I will try to find the owner.


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